What to Expect After Expecting

Pregnancy is to parenthood what an engagement is to marriage: months of celebrating, planning, collaborating, and preparing.  Then, suddenly……WHOOSH!  The big day comes and goes, the excitement settles, expectations begin to not be met, the hard work of relationship begins, and a couple may even begin to doubt their decision.


Regardless of how many books have been read, how much advice has been sought, classes have been taken, and preparations made, guar-an-teed, in the thick of it, one may not feel prepared to manage their unique and one-of-a-kind baby, career, sleep, household, and possibly another/other child(ren).

You are NOT alone.  All is NOT hopeless.  These postpartum feelings are in the realm of NORMAL.

All of the excitement and attention lavished upon an expecting mother; then baby, followed by fewer visits; less time for social activities, the absence of the partner once he/she returns to work (or maybe just the absence of a partner), and the distance, or tenuous (sometimes estranged) relationship of family, can leave a mother feeling abandoned and alone…….but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Consider the services of a postpartum doula.

A postpartum doula is a trained, non-medical professional, with skills and resources, hired to assist, support, and nurture a mother as she transitions into motherhood anytime during, or throughout, one year postpartum- whether the first time or beyond.  The professional relationship between a postpartum doula and mother varies, as it is custom-tailored to meet each individual mother’s needs for herself and her family.

With a postpartum doula, confidence is gained, stress is lessened, and day-to-day life seems more manageable as much needed rest and peace-of-mind is obtained. Know of a family that appears stressed out and in over-their-heads?  Postpartum doula services can even be gifted!  What is there to lose…………other than sleep?

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