Jalussee (jal-uh-see) offers exceptional care from her diverse experience with family dynamics spanning 20+ years.  Utilizing both her professional training and personal experiences, she recognizes the normal signs of postpartum recovery, as well as what is outside the scope of “normal.”  Jalussee understands the many challenges posed by parenthood and how the experience can sometimes overwhelm you.  She enjoys babies, and helping their parents learn to “hear” and trust their “parental voice” by attentively listening, and helping them navigate the decision making process that leads them to what is right for their family. She knows, during the process, parents gain confidence and become the best parents they can be.  Jalussee recognizes every family can have its own dynamics, and can assist in the face of various challenges and difficulties; as well as be a listening ear, or just an extra set of hands- with her, you’ll never be alone. You can count on her absolute discretion and professionalism to offer unbiased, non- judgmental support, comfort, and encouragement that will best suite your family’s needs.

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