Placenta consumption, or placentophagy, has been believed to aid mothers in postpartum recovery throughout many different cultures for centuries. While the idea or thought of adding a chunk of raw placenta to a smoothie, or cooking it up as though it were a dish of liver and onions may be appealing to some, Jalussee is a professionally trained placenta specialist who uses a traditional method, based on the Traditional Chinese Method, of steaming, dehydrating, and encapsulating placentas for whom it is not.

The FDA has not reviewed any statements about placentophagy, and Jalussee does not claim to treat or cure any medical condition, but anecdotal benefits reported by mothers are:

  • increased milk supply
  • decreased bleeding
  • increased energy levels
  • fewer mood swings
  • lessened experience with postpartum depression and anxiety
  • faster recover
  • increased iron levels

Certified in Blood Borne Pathogens and Food Handler’s Safety, Jalussee will prepare and encapsulate your placenta, in your home, following strict health and food preparation standards and using professional grade equipment.  Because you will be informed on how to request, transfer, and handle your placenta, you can be confident that the placenta you are consuming is continually treated safely and with the respect and honor it deserves- from womb to encapsulation.

As a bonus, while Jalussee is in your home, she is available to answer postpartum and infant care questions you may have, and possibly even share some simple postpartum life hacks.  Contact Jalussee, personally, HERE with questions you may have regarding placenta encapsulation, or HERE to schedule service.